Thursday, March 10, 2011

Iohann Titling continued

The Iohann Titling H and leaf matrices with castings

Yesterday, Micah Currier pulled a couple of proofs of the H and leaf ornament from the first casting of Iohann Titling. Now that he has established the correct height parallel, we have to make sure there is no stem distortion before he cuts the remaining matrices. According to Theo Rehak, there is a possible width distortion of up to 10% in either direction when the image is translated from pattern to matrix on the Benton Engraver. After scanning Micah's proof in to my computer I overlaid the original drawing for the H to find that there was considerable condensation of the letter form. This weekend, Micah will correct the distortion and re-cut the matrix.

The proof of the H with my original drawing overlaid on top of it