Friday, September 26, 2014

First copies of Pressed for Time arrive!

The first copies of the Pressed for Time standard edition have arrived from the binder, Priscilla Spitler. The final push of the production involved a lot of finishing handwork: a letter I from the Job alphabet painted in black gouache by Nancy; an intersection, circle, and arc drawn by me in pencil, liquid watercolor, and India ink to illustrate Eclectic Geometric or, Lunch with Nicolete; and last, but not least, a smoke drawing. With these drawings complete all of the books have been collated and shipped to the binders. I did the smoke drawings in stages so that we could get the binders started before I finished, with the end goal of having a finished book for the Oak Knoll Fest next weekend. In the coming weeks Annie will take better photos of the book but, in the meantime, here are some quick pics.

 Form of my proprietary foundry types and a proof, from the type specimen.

 Nancy Loeber painting the Job "I".

 Drawing the circles for Eclectic Geometric.

 Making a smoke drawing.

 The bound book in slipcase.

The title spread.

The pages describing the Noise series and Incidents.

Titling types from the type specimen.